Time’s Shadow

Time's Shadow drew inspiration from true events and is an extended moment story about a couple on their wedding day. The film follows the couple as they recall the first time they met, and their subsequent experiences together. They then remember the moment when the groom's twin sister died, sending him spiraling into immense grief and self-harm issues, eventually culminating in the bride finding him during a suicide attempt. Ultimately, Time's Shadow displays the power of love to overcome loss, pain, and to mend a broken so


Walk On

A father reflects on his life, and connection with his late son.


History Speaks

History is arguably the most important thing to help people find who they are, and where they came from. History Speaks talks about how important history is in all of our lives, no matter what race, religion, or country that one is from. I have been interning at a small historical foundation and the people there made me realize just how important history is.